Raw material

  • Materie prime Arcansas


RAW MATERIAL - Its constant search for quality raw materials has enabled Arcansas to transform aluminium, steel, brass and PVC into products that combine high appearance values with excellent technical performance. Strict quality standards and selected raw materials have made the company an international benchmark. Certified raw material: • Anodised aluminium (extrusion, anodising and antioxidant colouring) • Polished aluminium (5 processes: extrusion, cleaning, polishing, shining and anodising) • AISI304 stainless steel • High gloss steel (3 mechanical polishing processes) • Solid brass (gloss and brushed finish) • Steel classified under the European (EN) S235JR standard and UNI certified in relation to the specific sections of the respective products. Profiles manufactured by extrusion, drawing and cold rolling. • Porcelain-effect PVC (whole-body material: long-lasting shine with no fading or scratching, and lime-scale resistant) • Coated PVC is damp-proof and anti-shock


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